US officials visited Tripoli, expressing their support for the elections

Leslie Ordeman from the US Embassy in Libya and John Penelll, USAID's Libya Officer, visited the capital Tripoli and made statements about the December 24 elections.

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Leslie Ordeman from the US Embassy in Libya met with Libyan High National Elections Commission (HNEC) employees and Libyan Ministry of Interior officials. In the meetings attended by Oil Minister Mohamed Aoun, Ordeman gave messages of support before the 24 December elections.

Ordeman stated that, as the US, they are ready to provide all kinds of support to ensure a fair and safe election environment. In addition to this, Ordeman stated that the road map determined by the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) should be adhered to.

During the meetings, possible contributions of US companies to the Libyan energy sector and cooperation opportunities were also discussed. According to the statement made by the US Embassy in Libya, Ordeman’s visit was accompanied by six different NGO officials. During the week, the US Special Envoy to Libya, Ambassador Richard Norland had made similar statements during a meeting with Presidential Council Chairman Mohamed al-Menfi.

In a phone call, both Norland and al-Menfi stressed the necessity for the elections to be carried out on time and through professional performance all around, so that the expectations of all Libyan citizens, whose hopes are to hold free and fair elections, are met, according to a statement made by the US Embassy in Libya following the talks.

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