US forces in Syria face retaliation after Sunday’s airstrikes on Iran-backed militias

A rocket attack was carried out a day after American fighters hit facilities used by Iran-backed militia.

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A rocket attack has targeted a military base in Deir ez-Zor around 7:44 p.m. local time with 34 rockets. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said Iran-backed militias fired several shells at a US base near the Al-Omar oil field in eastern Syria and the surrounding residential areas. The area has been reported to host a US facility that has strategic importance for the Washington administration. The online newspaper Al-Jasr also reported that the US military base in the Al-Mayadin area of ​​Syria was hit by at least eight Katyusha missiles.

While under attack, the US forces responded in self-defense with 155-millimeter artillery rounds along with a hellfire missile from a drone.

No injuries have been declared according to the military spokesperson for Operation Inherent Resolve, Col. Wayne Marotto. However, structural damage occurred in at least two buildings along with the burning of several vehicles.

The Pentagon suggests the attack was carried out by Iran-backed militia forces. Some media outlets reported that the action was carried out by other groups.

The attack appears to be retaliation. The 14th brigade of the Popular Mobilization Forces said four militia were killed as a result of Sunday’s US airstrike. The group denied the existence of weapons warehouses and said it reserved the right to respond and to hold the perpetrators of the attack accountable. Tasnim and Fars News in Iran rapidly verified that artillery and Katyusha rockets were fired.

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