Turkey kicks off a new anti-terror operation

Turkey launches a new anti-terror operation, named Eren-12 Güneşli

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Turkey’s Interior Ministry announced that a new operation of anti-terrorism in the southeastern part of the country has started. Operation Eren-12 Güneşli is one of the country’s efforts to clear the region from elements of terror, especially those linked with the PKK terrorist group. The operation was kicked off in the cities of Şirnak and Siirt, to nullify the shelter of terrorists in the region, the Ministry stated.

The operation is to be conducted by a major team of more than 1317 personnel and 83 operational teams.

Earlier this year, Ankara launched another operation, Operation Eren. Both operations carry the name of the young martyr Eren, killed by the PKK terrorist organization in 2017.

To eliminate terrorist groups and activities, Turkey kicked off operations under various names, like ‘’Kapan’’ and ‘’Yildirim’’, in 2020.

For more than three decades, the PKK has been playing a role in the deaths of tens of thousands of civilians in the country.

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