Turkey donates 73,000 military uniforms to South Sudan

Turkey donated more than 73,000 military uniforms as part of supporting the peace process in South Sudan, said the Turkish Ambassador to the country,.

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According to the Turkish Ambassador to South Sudan, Erdem Mutaf, the Turkish government is giving more than 73,000 army uniforms to South Sudan to help ensure security throughout the country’s transitional period. In this context, Turkish Ambassador Mutaf stated that the Turkish government will continue to support the peace process in South Sudan.

Mutaf told reporters that he and Tut Galuak, the South Sudanese presidential security adviser, addressed the Turkish government’s plan to send more than 73,000 army uniforms to South Sudan’s united forces at the government’s request. “This donation would be an important step for us to contribute to the efficient implementation of the revitalized peace agreement with respect to the formation of unified forces” he said.

He added that “We received the needs list of unified forces some time ago and we forwarded it to the relevant ministries through the Turkish Foreign Ministry.” Mutaf also stated that Turkey had donated more than 32 tons of food to South Sudan in the last two years, and that the Turkish government will continue to help the country’s peace process.

South Sudan has not been able to establish a stable environment since 2011, when it broke away from Sudan. According to a 2018 peace agreement, the country must train and graduate an 83,000 strong unified force to take command of security during the transitional period until elections are held in 2023. Also, due to deadlines that have not been met, the army’s unification has been postponed. Economic challenges in the country, as a result of more than six years of conflict that began in December 2013, have further impeded the process.

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