Three Saudi soldiers executed for being cooperation with ‘enemies’

Soldiers were sentenced to death after a ‘fair trial’ conducted by a special court, the Saudi Defense Ministry said.

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The Saudi Defense Ministry issued a statement announcing that three soldiers who had been convicted of “high treason” and “cooperating with the enemy” were executed. According to the statement, the three soldiers were sentenced to death after a ‘fair trial’ that a special court conducted.

Also, the ministry disclosed that the executed soldiers are Mohammed bin Ahmed, Shaher bin Issa, and Hamoud bin Ibrahim. According to the minister’s statement, three soldiers were executed in a military base of the Saudi Army Southern Command located close to the Yemen border.

The Saudi state news agency expressed that the executed soldiers had been working in the defense ministry. Neither any details regarding how the soldiers committed the imputed offense nor who they were cooperating with have been disclosed.

The Kingdom has been heavily criticized by rights groups, including Amnesty International, for implementing torture and unfair trials and called to stop the death penalty. Amnesty International’s data shows that the Kingdom ranked third in the world in terms of executions in 2019. The Kingdom denies the accusations.

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