The container ship on the Suez Canal is moved, but not fully yet

’Though the huge container ship is still blocking the Suez Canal, it has been straightened and has moved partly

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On Monday, the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) announced that the Suez Canal, being blocked by the huge container ship ‘’Ever Given” for almost a week now, will be reopened in a short while for the transition of ships.

Last Tuesday, the traffic on the canal, drawing a convenient route between Europe and Asia, was entirely blocked due to the 130-yard long ship, being stuck in width. Rescue attempts have been conducted since then with the use of tug boats, and authorities expressed that the ship has straightened and moved, though not fully yet.

More than 369 boats and ships as well as tankers and bulk carriers have been unable to pass the canal for days. The SCA reported that the path for the awaiting vessels will be smoothened as soon as the ship is removed.

Additionally, the stoppage at the canal brings a high cost for Egypt as the transition fees make up about 15 million dollars a day.

Due to the delay in their journey, some ships have created a new route around the Cape of Good Hope, expressing that the costs would be the same if they would wait.

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