Situation in Afghanistan ‘most concerning’, says UNGA President

UN General Assembly President Volkan Bozkır stated that the recent bomb attacks in Afghanistan will only 'complicate and debilitate' evacuations efforts in the country.

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On Thursday, UN General Assembly President Volkan Bozkir defined the latest bomb attacks in the Afghan capital Kabul as “most concerning” and “alarming.” The UNGA President expressed that the “grotesque development will only complicate and debilitate efforts at organizing evacuations. This is unacceptable.”

On the exact same day, multiple explosions shook Kabul, including two that occurred outside the airport, killing over 60, including 13 American soldiers, and wounding over 140.

Recalling the UNGA’s efforts to address the situation in Afghanistan, focusing on peace, stability, good governance, human rights and development for 40 years, Bozkır added that hope on many fronts in Afghanistan’s path towards peace and political reconciliation has been “overshadowed with recent developments during the past two weeks.”

Bozkır also underlined that violence, terrorism, security concerns and growing civilian casualties have strong potential to derail the Afghan-led, Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation. The UNGA President defined the ongoing Afghan peace process as the only path to enduring peace and stability in the country, and emphasized that the protection of civilians and rights and freedoms of the Afghan people, especially those belonging to women and children, must be a “priority.”

The Taliban obtained power in the country on August 15 following rapid advances throughout Afghan provinces and, lastly, Kabul. With the collapse of the government in Kabul, attention has turned to ensure the safety of civilians and evacuees and an orderly transfer of power.

Bozkır stressed that the UN must take the lead in assisting the people of Afghanistan at this “crucial juncture.”

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden confirmed that attacks outside Kabul airport were carried out by the Afghan affiliate of the Daesh/ISIS terrorist group, and promised to respond with “force and precision.”

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