Saudi-led coalition intercepts Houthi airstrikes

The Saudi-led coalition’s spokesperson stated that 4 drones, and 5 missiles, targeting Saudi Arabia’s Jizan province, were destroyed, while the Houthi group claimed that this was accurate.

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On Thursday, it was reported that the Saudi-led coalition forces intercepted four drones and five ballistic missiles launched by Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi group towards Saudi soil. The statement came from Saudi-led coalition spokesperson Colonel Turki Al Maliki, who spoke to the Saudi state news agency, SPA. Col. Al Maliki reported that the attacks were aimed at the Jizan region in southwestern Saudi Arabia.

On the other hand, Houthi spokesperson Yahya Saree stated that the Houthi forces carried out attacks targeting facilities belong to the Saudi oil giant Aramco, and other locations by missiles. According to Saree’s statements, the attacks were accurate and caused major damage to the oil facility. The Houthi spokesperson also said the attacks were carried out as a response to the accelerating Saudi offensive and the continued siege of the country, referring to Yemen.

Last Monday, the Houthis claimed that 15 drones and 2 missiles were launched against sites in Saudi Arabia, including the Aramco facility, though the Saudi-led coalition did not comment on the occasion.

Besides, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) issued a statement condemning the Houthi attacks targeting Saudi soil. The UAE called for an immediate stop to the accelerated aggression. The international community was also called to take immediate and determined actions against those reiterated in the statement.

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