Saudi-led Arab Coalition hits Houthis military sites in Sanaa

The airstrikes came after Houthis intensified their drone attacks targeting Saudi soil, including important infrastructures such as oil refineries and airports.

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The Saudi-led Arab Coalition forces fighting against the Iranian-backed Houthi group in Yemen carried out airstrikes targeting military sites belonging to the Houthi group in the capital Sanaa. According to eyewitnesses’ statements, the coalition planes bombed Houthi military camps in southern Sanaa and a military manufacturing site in the north of the city.

The airstrikes came after intensified drone attacks targeting several infrastructures located within Saudi Arabia’s territory, including the Saudi Aramco oil refinery in Riyadh and Abha International Airport. On Friday, the Houthi military spokesperson Yahya Saree announced that the Houthi forces attacked an oil refinery in the Saudi capital with six explosive-laden drones, which caused a fire. Additionally, coalition officials stated on Saturday that another explosive-laden drone that was launched towards the southern Saudi city of Khamis Mushait was destroyed.

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