Saudi Chief of General Staff visits Greece to watch the drill on site

During the visit, the Saudi defense chief met with his Greek counterpart to discuss regional developments and exchange views regarding future exercises.

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On Friday, Saudi Arabia Chief of General Staff Fayyadh Bin Hamad Al Ruwaili visited the Suda Air Force Base located in Crete island, where the joint military drill, named Falcon Eye-1, took place. The Saudi Chief of General Staff watched the drill on-site. Within the scope of the military exercise, F-15C jetfighters from the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF), and F-16, Dassault Mirage 2000 as well as F-4 Phantom jets from the Greek Air Force carried out several joint sorties over the Mediterranean.

Speaking after observing the drill, Al Ruwaili stated that the drill’s goal is exchanging the military expertise between Saudi Arabia and Greece to improve the cooperation between the forces of the two countries. The Saudi defense chief Al Ruwaili came together with his Greek counterpart Konstantinos Floros, as well. The two officials held bilateral talks focusing on geopolitical developments, the common use of training facilities by the armed forces, and the organization of other military drills which would involve other countries in the region. Also, it was announced that Greek defense chief Konstantinos Floros will visit Saudi Arabia in the forthcoming period.

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