Saudi Arabia set to play a mediator role as border crisis between Sudan and Ethiopia escalates

The Sudanese delegation left to Saudi Arabia to brief Saudi officials amid an accelerating border dispute with Ethiopia.

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A high-level delegation led by Mohammed Al-Faki Suleiman, a member of the Sudanese Transitional Sovereign Council, headed to Saudi Arabia for a one-day official visit on Wednesday.

Al-Faki Suleiman is accompanied by the Minister of Religious Affairs and Endowments Nasreddin Mufreh and Director of the General Intelligence Service General Jamal Abdul Majeed. During the visit, the Sudanese delegation gave information on the situation in Sudan’s eastern border, particularly on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border dispute.

In recent weeks, there have been confrontations between the two states, in which both sides accused each other. Speaking to the local media, Sudan Minister of Defense Yassin Abdel-Hadi blamed the Ethiopian army for launching attacks. Based on his statement, the residents of 30 villages around Sudan’s southern border region had to leave their settlements because of the Ethiopian attacks.

On the other hand, Ethiopia refused the accusations. Speaking on Tuesday, Spokesperson for the Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dina Mufti stated that his country always welcomes any initiative to solve border issues, adding that the retreatment of the Sudanese army from lands which it has been controlling previously is a prerequisite for reaching a peaceful solution.

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