Saudi Arabia set to introduce new judicial reforms

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made an announcement stating that a set of new laws would be approved soon.

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On Monday, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, broadly known by his initials MbS, has announced a set of the new draft law, including social and economic reforms, intending to modernize the Kingdom. It is known that the Kingdom has no codified system of law. It is stated that this move is the first step towards an entirely codified law.

According to a report released by the state news agency (SPA), four new laws, including the personal status law, the civil transactions law, the penal code of discretionary sanctions, and the law of evidence, are about to be complete and will then be addressed to the relevant bodies as well as the Shura Council before being presented for final approval.

The new laws will be introduced successively throughout 2021, Crown Prince MbS said in his statement.

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