Results still unknown in Algerian elections, two parties claim victory

In the elections determining representatives of the National People's Assembly, 48 hours have passed after the completion of the voting process, but the results have not been announced.

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The first results of the Algerian early parliamentary elections on Saturday are still not known. Only 30.2 percent of the more than 24 million registered voters went to the polls in the elections where the opposition called for a boycott. Although 48 hours have passed after the completion of the voting process, the results have not yet been announced.

On the other hand, the pro-regime National Liberation Front (FLN) which has dominated Algerian politics since the country’s independence, and the Islamic-oriented Movement of Society for Peace (MSP), declared victories separately.

FLN Secretary-General, Abou El Fadl Baadji, said in a statement to the press that “according to the statements from the provinces, their party came first, and they are waiting for the official results”.

Similarly, Abdurrezak Mukri, the leader of MSP, the largest Islamic leaning party in Algeria, thanked the voters by announcing that their party was ahead in the votes at home and abroad. Mukri argued there were “attempts to steal electoral victories from them” but did not elaborate on his accusations.

In a press conference held during the election day, ANIE President Mohammed Charfi said that the vote-counting process will be “complex” compared to previous elections and that the announcement of the official results may “reach the 96-hours limit” stipulated by the law.

“However, we will work to complete the process as soon as possible,” Charfi said.

Experts expect the formation of a multi-part structure, in which independents also participate, where pro-regime entrenched parties lose power, and Islamic-oriented parties increase their votes.

Stating that the regime will not allow the absolute superiority of a certain party with the electoral system introduced by the regime, the researchers state that the coalition government to be formed after the election will clarify the picture regarding the future of the country.

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