“Resolving the Libyan crisis is a priority for the EU,” says EU spokesperson for MENA region

Luis Miguel Bueno, the EU Spokesperson for the Middle East and North Africa, declared that Libya is among the bloc's main priorities.

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Luis Miguel Bueno, the European Union’s press spokesperson for the Middle East and North Africa region, made statements regarding Libya at a press conference on Monday. Answering questions at the press conference, Bueno stated that any military solution to the Libyan crisis is not on the table and that the current political process should be supported.

While expressing that there are important opportunities and priorities for the international community in the solution of the Libyan crisis, Bueno added that he is hopeful for the future. Emphasizing two key priorities, Bueno listed them as supporting the elections scheduled for December 24 and the ceasefire agreement reached in October last year.

Last week, certain news reports reflected in the media expressed that the EU has been planning to send troops to Libya. On the other hand, the EU officials made a statement that the news reflected in the press during the week did not reflect the truth.

EU member states such as Germany, Malta, Spain, and Greece, and more specifically France and Italy, have been trying to become active in the war-torn country. In this context, the cooperation and coordination of these countries in the solution of the Libyan crisis is considered very vital, according to some sources.

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