President Tebboune accepts the resignation of the Djerad government

According to a press release from the Algerian Presidency, the Djerad government resigned after the results of the legislative elections were announced, so that a new government can be formed.

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Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune announced Thursday that he had accepted the resignation of Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad, with a view to forming a new government following the announcement of the results of the legislative elections.

According to an Algerian presidential statement, it is stated that Tebboune is to accept the resignation of the Djerad government and to take charge of the management of current affairs until the formation of a new government.

This comes after the President of the Constitutional Council, Kamel Fenniche, announced on Wednesday the final results of the early parliamentary elections held on June 12.

According to the Algerian constitution, as soon as the president of the country accepts the resignation of the government, he will directly begin consultations with the leaders of the parties that have won the elections to appoint the new Prime Minister.

The formation of the government depends on the nature of the majority controlling the parliament, but the election results did not allow any of the parties to obtain a parliamentary majority.

These early parliamentary elections saw the National Liberation Front (FLN) take the lead with 98 seats, followed by the independents with 84 seats, then the Movement of Society for Peace with 65 seats.

The National Democratic Rally party came in fourth with 58 seats, followed by Front El Moustakbal (Future Front) with 48 seats, and the El-Bina al-Watani Movement (National Building Movement) with 39 seats, while the rest of the seats were distributed among other parties.

With these results, a coalition of at least 3 parliamentary blocs is needed to form a majority in Parliament, to reach 204 seats out of a total of 407.

All the winning parties and independent blocs, except the Movement of Society for Peace which won 65 seats, announced their support for the formation of a majority presidential government, to favor the option of appointing a prime minister close to the policy of the Algerian president.

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