Morocco subject to deliberate attacks by some countries and some organizations, says King Mohammed VI

Moroccan King Mohammed VI said that his country has recently been subject to "deliberate attacks" by some countries and organizations.

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The King of Morocco Mohammed VI, who addressed his nation on the occasion of the 68th Anniversary of the Revolution of the King and the People, criticized the ‘methodical attacks’ which Morocco has recently been the target of from certain countries.

“Clinging to pre-established positions and obsolete considerations, the enemies of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom do not want Morocco to remain the free, strong, and influential nation that it has always been,” King Mohammed VI stated.

He also ensured that the leaders of certain countries, especially in Europe “do not yet understand that the problem does not lie in the regimes of the countries of the Greater Maghreb, but in theirs, always tinged with backwardness hopelessly resistant to developments time.”

“Thus, they would like us to be shaped in their image and, to undermine the respectability of our national institutions and their authority, they accuse them of flouting rights and freedoms and, to this end, deploy fallacious arguments against them,”  the King added, alluding to the recent accusations of espionage by Morocco.

He considered that “the enemies of the territorial integrity” of Morocco “only strengthen the faith and determined commitment of Moroccans to tirelessly defend the Fatherland and its superior interests.”

Mohammed VI said he was determined “to resolutely stay the course, regardless of annoyed adversaries and envious people consumed by the hatred for our country.”

Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune this week also had accused Morocco of being involved in the fires that have ravaged the northeast of the country, killing more than 75 people.

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