Libyan Presidential Council declares commitment to consolidation of the army

Musa al-Koni, one of three members of the Presidential Council, stated that the military institutions should be unified for the December elections.

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Libyan Presidential Council members Musa al-Koni and Abdullah al-Lafi paid a visit to the Counter-Terrorism Force in Al-Khums.

Speaking within the scope of the visit, Koni stated that the positive progress of the national reconciliation process and the unification of military institutions for the elections to be held on December 24 is a very important step. They also expressed their appreciation of the organization for the activities of the Anti-Terrorism Force.

Al-Koni thanked the Counter-Terrorism Force units for the sacrifices they made against ISIS in Sirte. It was noted that the force was created by Libyans from all over the country and operates under the Presidential Council.

Musa Koni is one of the 3 members of the Presidential Council elected after the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) summit held on February 1-5. Al-Koni, elected to represent the southern region of Fezzan, carries out the relations of the Presidential Council with the province.

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