Libyan Minister of Interior, US Ambassador to Libya discuss election preparations

US Ambassador to Libya Richard Norland met with Libyan Interior Minister Khalid Mazen to discuss preparations before the December 24 elections.

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Richard Norland, the US Ambassador and Special Envoy to Libya, received information about the plans and programs of the Libyan Ministry of Interior to ensure the security of the elections. Norland met with Interior Minister Khaled Mazen and discussed the possibilities of cooperation between the two countries.

Mazen stated that, as the Ministry of Interior, 35,000 police officers were assigned and trained in order for the elections to be held in a safe environment.

Referring to the social and economic aspects brought by the migration crisis, Minister Mazen also mentioned the issue of illegal migration and stated that Libya is not the only party affected by the migration crisis. Meanwhile, Norland announced that the US will increase its support for the immigration crisis and reactivate old agreements.

Norland emphasized that in order to improve cooperation opportunities between the two countries, the previously signed agreements will be reactivated to increase the capacities of the institutions and personnel of the Libyan Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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