Kuwait Airways stops flights to Iraq a day after airport attack

Following a rocket attack aiming Baghdad International Airport, Kuwait Airways decided to suspend flights to Iraq.

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On Saturday, Kuwait Airways announced that flights to Iraq had been temporarily stopped. The decision came a day after a rocket attack aiming Baghdad International Airport.

According to the statement issued by the Gulf country’s flag carrier, the decision was taken upon “the current situation in Iraq.”

Baghdad International Airport had been targeted on Friday by six Katyusha rockets. Two civilian aircraft were damaged as a result of the incident.

No one has yet assumed responsibility for the attack.

Issuing a statement following the attack, Iraq’s Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi pledged to respond against the “dangerous” attack in a “decisive” way. The Iraqi premier labeled the attack as an “attempt to defame the country.”

The area targeted by the attack is nearby a US airbase named Camp Victory. The aforementioned US base has been targeted by several missile attacks in recent times. Washington administration put the blame on Iran-backed groups.

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