Israeli air strikes target Gaza again after rocket attack

Israel imposed a blockade on Gaza’s sea and land borders after Hamas seized control in 2007.

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The Israeli military has conducted an airstrike against the Gaza Strip consequently after a rocket attack from the Palestinian enclave. This is the second such exchange in recent days, as Saturday’s attacks hit what the military pronounced as “terror targets” operated by Gaza’s ruling faction Hamas.

A declaration by the Israeli army held that the aims included a “training facility, an anti-aircraft missile launcher post, a concrete production plant, and tunnel infrastructure”.

Witnesses and security sources have stated that the raids hit two fighter “training sites” in southern Gaza and another hit central Gaza, according to a local news agency.

A Hamas spokesperson said commented on the attack stating, “Gaza still fights and doesn’t break”.

This was the second exchange of antagonisms in the week. On Thursday, rockets were ablaze in southern Israel, prompting the Israeli army to blast off air attacks on Gaza that triggered no casualties.

Israel forced a blockade of Gaza’s sea and land borders after Hamas obtained control in 2007. The two sides have since fought fiercely.

A brittle armistice has emerged in recent years despite occasional flare-ups, with Palestinians firing rockets at Israel and the latter responding with air attacks on the coastal enclave.

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