Investigation into Ever Given’s blockage

Investigation into the blockage of the Suez Canal begins on Wednesday, authorities say.

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The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) announced on Tuesday that the investigation concerning the huge container ship ‘’Ever Given’’ will start on Wednesday. The SCA Adviser Captain mentioned that the black box of the ship was not delivered by its crew yet. If the black box is not delivered, then the case will turn into a civil lawsuit, and the ship will be examined by order. It is expected that the investigation will last for approximately four days.

All data on the ship before and during the accident will be handed to the SCA on Wednesday. The captain’s orders and actions, accident reports, calls made by the ship, and its hardware and maintenance reports will be looked at.

Last Tuesday, the traffic on the canal, drawing a convenient route between Europe and Asia, was entirely blocked due to the 130-yard long ship, being stuck in width. Rescue attempts have been conducted with the use of tug boats. More than 369 boats and ships as well as tankers and bulk carriers were unable to pass the canal for days.

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