Houthis urged by the US to stop military operations

The US Department of State urged the Houthi movement in Yemen to stop its military operations.

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A statement released by the US Department of State on Tuesday urged the Houthi movement in Yemen to stop its operations against the city of Marib, controlled by the Saudi-backed government. Additionally, the statement also demands the Houthis to take part in international diplomatic efforts to find a solution to the civil war in the country. The State Department also defined the Houthi assault on Marib as the action of a group not interested in peace or the well-being of the people of Yemen.

The Houthi movement has consistently been conducting land and air attacks against the Saudi-backed Hadi government coalition forces. Recently, Houthi forces have been conducting multiple drone attacks against Saudi-backed coalition forces located in Abha International Airport and King Khalid Air Base. Official statements indicated that these attacks have been successfully intercepted.

The statement of the US State Department came on the day that the US officially removed the Houthi movement from its terror list. In spite of the removal, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken had announced on Saturday that three leaders of the movement would remain under the previous sanctions. Blinken further indicated that Washington would continue to monitor Houthi activities to prevent further escalations, especially those posing a danger to commercial routes in the Red Sea.

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