Houthi’s drone attack caused a fire at the oil facility in the Saudi capital

The Saudi Energy Ministry stated that a fire, which broke out at an oil facility belonging to Saudi Aramco, had been contained without any loss of lives or injuries.

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On Friday, Saudi officials announced that an oil facility belonging to Saudi Aramco was targeted by drone attacks at around 6 am. The attacks caused a fire outbreak. According to the statement made by the source from the Energy Ministry, the authorities contained the fire without causing any death or injury. The facility’s operations were not affected by the attack, the sources added. Aside from this, the source from the Saudi Energy Ministry strongly condemned the attacks and called for all countries and organizations to stand against these terrorist attacks. On the other hand, there was no official statement regarding who carried out the attacks.

However, the Iranian-backed Houthi group’s spokesperson Yahya Sare’e stated that: “Our armed forces carried out at dawn today an operation with six drones which targeted the Aramco company in the capital of the Saudi enemy, Riyadh.” Previously, the Houthi spokesperson had warned “foreign companies and citizens” living in Saudi Arabia to keep away from military areas and significant infrastructures.

It is observed that the Houthis have intensified their attacks targeting the Saudi territory in recent weeks.

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