Houthi airstrike prevented by Saudi air defense

The airstrike came following the allegations that the Houthis and the Saudi-led Arab coalition had reached an agreement to stop the former’s attack targeting Saudi territory.

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On Monday, the Saudi-led Arab coalition reported that the Saudi air defense intercepted an airstrike, which had been carried out through an explosive-laden drone launched by the Houthi group in Yemen. According to the statement, the Houthi offensive targeted Khamis Mushait, located in southwest Saudi Arabia.

The Coalition’s statement added that all Houthi offensives targeting civilians and civilian settlements continue to be prevented by the coalition forces. The statement also underlined that the coalition would continue to employ all necessary measures to protect civilians from such attacks.

The Houthi offensive came amid the increase in hopes in reaching a nationwide ceasefire that could eventually be implemented through intensive international diplomatic efforts spent mainly by Oman, the United States, and the UN.

Last week, the Arab coalition announced that it stopped its airstrikes from giving ground for negotiations to reach a peaceful political solution in the years-long conflict in Yemen.

Also, some speculations indicating that the Houthi group and Saudi-led coalition had reached an agreement have been circulated. According to allegations, the Houthi group would have stopped its airstrikes targeting Saudi territory in exchange for the reopening of Sanaa International Airport and Hodeidah port. Also, the agreement did not cover clashes that are being exchanged around the Marib region in Yemen.

The latest incident has shown that the tension between the two sides continues despite all the peace efforts implemented by regional and international actors.

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