Final results of election announced in Algeria

The final results of the general election held in Algeria on June 12 was announced, with the National Liberation Front (FLN) coming first in the elections, even though its number of seats decreased from 105 to 98.

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Kamel Fenniche, President of the Constitutional Council, who made a statement on Algerian state television, announced that there were some changes in the distribution of seats in different states after examining the objections made by independent lists and political parties in the general election held on June 12.

Expressing that 48 of the 361 objections to the council were accepted, Fenniche said that in some states, the results of the survey were canceled and corrected.

Fenniche stated that the FLN, one of the “pro-regime” parties of former President Abdulaziz Bouteflika, who had to leave the administration as a result of popular movements in 2019, took the lead with a total of 98 seats, which corresponds to 24.07 percent of the 407 total seats in the National People’s Assembly.

Fenniche stated that the independents won 84 seats, the Islamic-leaning Movement of Society for Peace 65, and the pro-regime National Democratic Rally (RND) 58. He also noted that the Future Front won 48 seats, the El Bina Movement 39, and the Justice and Development Front two.

At a press conference on June 15, Mohammed Charfi, Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Administration (ANIE), which manages the elections in the country, announced the results of the general elections held on Saturday, June 12 to determine the 407 representatives in the Assembly, and said that the FLN was the winner of the elections by winning 105 seats.

Stating that the independents won 78 seats in the parliament, the Islamic-oriented Movement of Society for Peace 64 and the pro-regime Democratic National Union (RND) party 57 seats, Charfi noted that the Future Party received 48 seats while the National Building Movement obtained 40 seats.

On June 12, Algeria went to the polls to elect 407 representatives in the National People’s Assembly. Only 30.2 percent of the more than 24 million registered voters voted in the elections, where the opposition called for a boycott.

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