Explosion hits northeastern Afghan city, leaves many people dead

A blast targeted a Shia mosque in Afghanistan’s northeastern city of Kunduz during Friday prayers, resulting in multiple deaths, the Taliban spokesperson announced.

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On Friday, a deadly blast has hit a Shia mosque in Kunduz, a city located in northeastern Afghanistan. Making a statement following the incident, the Taliban spokesperson said the explosion occurred during Friday prayers, leaving a number of people dead.

Posting a message on his Twitter account, Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid said, “This afternoon, an explosion took place in a mosque of our Shia compatriots… as a result of which a number of our compatriots were martyred and wounded.” Mujahid also noted that a special unit had arrived at the crime scene and an investigation had been launched.

A health practitioner close to the issue told reported that at least 15 people were dead, and dozens of others were wounded due to the blast.

Speaking to the press on the condition of anonymity, hospital staff from Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said, “We have received more than 90 wounded patients and over 15 dead bodies, but the number will change. We are still receiving more people.”

On the other hand, a Taliban member, who did not want to be named, stated that over 28 people died and dozens more injured as a result of the explosion.

The latest report by local authorities indicates that at least 50 people have been killed.

No one has claimed the responsibility for the attack yet.

Though, in recent weeks, a number of attacks, including one which targeted a mosque in Kabul, have been observed, for which ISIS/Daesh has taken responsibility for, in some cases.

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