Explosion at the Quneitra Governorate reportedly heard

Syrian state media reports that explosions were heard in the Quneitra Governorate in the southern part of the country.

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In the late hours of Thursday, explosions were heard in the Quneitra Governorate in southern Syria, in the town of Khan Arnabah. While the cause for the explosions remain unclear, no information is also given on damages or casualties in the area. However, Syrian state media assumes that Israel is the cause of these explosions.

Areas of southern Syria suffer heavily from airstrikes, with Israel being held mostly responsible for these attacks, according to Syrian state media. Although Israeli officials rarely make statements on said issue, the Chief of the Israeli Defense Forces Aviv Kochari recently stated that many military operations were conducted in Syria, by Israel. Earlier this month, an Israeli missile attack was conducted in the Quneitra Governorate, but repelled by air defense systems in the region.

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