Biden calls UNSC to take action on Syria, Yemen, and Ethiopia

The US President emphasized the importance of action that would be taken by the UN Security Council about a set of regional crises.

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On Thursday, the White House stated that US President Joe Biden addressed the UN Security Council’s representatives virtually. In his speech, President Biden called on the UNSC members to take action towards regional crises, including those in Burma, Ethiopia, Libya, Syria, and Yemen, the White House’s added.

Besides, the White House also stated that President Biden reiterated his country’s adherence to value-based global leadership as well as its willingness to re-engage with international institutions, particularly with the UN. Another point that Biden touched upon during the meeting was the struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring global health security. On this issue, the US President highlighted the importance of cooperation that would involve global partners as well as multilateral institutions to get over the pandemic.

President Biden also restated his country’s willingness to formally join the UN’s Group of Friends on Climate and Security.

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