Backlog caused by huge container ship is over, authorities say

The backlog caused by the massive container ship has ended according to the Suez Canal Authority.

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The Suez Canal Authority announced on Saturday that the backlog of ships built during the blockage by the container ship ‘’Ever Given’’ has come to an end.

422 vessels were unable to pass the canal for days. Earlier, it was estimated that approximately 100 ships would pass the canal daily, and with the last party of 61 ships on Saturday the backlog ended. Additional 24 ships also passed the canal, which had arrived after Ever Given was refloated.

The traffic on the canal, drawing a convenient route between Europe and Asia, was entirely blocked due to the 130-yard-long ship, since March 23. Rescue attempts have been conducted by use of tugboats for almost one week. Due to the delay in their journey, some ships have created a new route around the Cape of Good Hope.

The investigation concerning the causes of the accident is still continuing.

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