Algerians at the polls for early local elections

Early local elections are being held in Algeria to determine the provincial and municipal council members in 58 states.

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Voting has started for early local elections in Algeria, where provincial and municipal council members will be determined. The voting process, which started at 08:00 local time, ended at 18:00.

More than 23 million registered voters will determine the 58 states and 1,541 municipalities. Algerians will be able to vote in 61,676 ballot boxes located in 13,326 polling stations across the country.

In 58 states, 877 party lists and 1158 provincial council lists, 281 of which are independent, are participating in the elections.

For 1541 municipalities across the country, 4,860 lists are representing 40 political parties and 5,848 lists, 988 of which are independent. Voting for Bedouin communities living in the southern regions of Algeria had started 72 hours ago through mobile ballot boxes.

Algeria is holding its second election under the open list system, which allows voters to arrange candidates on the same list according to their preferences. The closed list, on the other hand, forced voters to choose a list based on the party’s arrangement.

This is the second time in less than six months after Algerians voted in the country’s parliamentary elections on June 12.

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