Algeria blames Morocco for attack that killed three of its citizens

Algeria has blamed Morocco for an attack that resulted in the death of three citizens carrying commercial goods to Mauritania by trucks.

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In a written statement from the Algerian Presidency, it was stated that on November 1, airstrikes were carried out on trucks that transport commercial goods belonging to Algerian citizens.

In the statement, it was stated that the killing of three citizens would not go unpunished, while Morocco was blamed for the attack and pointed out that there were many signs that the Moroccan army was using advanced weapons.

While the Algerian authorities did not share details about the exact location of the bombing, it was said, “Necessary measures have been taken immediately to investigate this despicable act and to reveal the facts” in the statements.

The Moroccan authorities have not yet made a statement about the Algerian Presidency’s notification and its accusations.

Algeria announced on August 24 that it had decided to cut off diplomatic contact with Morocco, whose relations had been tense for decades. The tension between Algeria and Morocco was reflected in the energy lines in the region.

The Western Sahara problem has been causing tension in the relations between Morocco and Algeria for years. Morocco accuses Algeria of supporting the Polisario Front. Meanwhile, Algeria does not support the steps of its neighbor Morocco in the Western Sahara.

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