1st week campaign of Algerian parliamentary elections passed under normal conditions

The president of the National Independent Election Authority (ANIE), Mohamed Charfi affirmed, on Thursday in Algiers, that the first week of the campaign for the legislative elections of June 12 "took place under normal conditions and no overrun has been registered".

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During a press conference devoted to the evaluation of the first week of the electoral campaign, Mr. Charfi stressed: “that no overrun was recorded during the first week of the electoral campaign, the Authority not having received any report or complaint from the candidates, with the exception of a few small observations made by some of its delegates related to the incomprehension of the procedures of application of the laws, like the non-use of state symbols by candidates during the electoral campaign “.

He added that this first week of the campaign “was launched at its official meeting marked by political competition between candidates”, stressing that ANIE “is not the opponent of any candidate, it treats the candidates on an equal footing “.

Affirming that “the election of the APN by the people constitutes the guarantees of stability and security”, Mr. Charfi added that “there is no security without democracy and vice versa”.

President of Algeria Abdelmadjid Tebboune dissolved the parliament in February and pressed the button for early elections. After the 20-year rule of former President Abdulaziz Bouteflika, Algeria, which has experienced many changes in the last two years, wants to start a new era with elections following the Constitution adopted last year. For the elections where 407 deputies will be elected, a total of 2,292 lists, 1179 of whom are parties and 1113 of whom are independents, reported that 23,540 people applied for candidacy.

In Algeria, where there are 58 provinces in total, an average of 120 thousand people in these provinces are represented by one deputy in the Assembly. There are more than 24 million registered voters in the country.

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