YPG/PKK missile attack in al-Bab kills two civilians, injuring 17

The attack occurred on Friday in northern Syria’s al-Bab district, which was cleared of the YPG/PKK terror group by Turkey during Operation Euphrates Shield.

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The PKK terrorist organization’s Syrian wing, the YPG, launched a missile attack that killed two and wounded at least 17 civilians. Over 10 separate missile attacks targeted residential areas early on Friday.

The Syrian civil defense group White Helmets said a volunteer stationed in Hazwan village, east of Aleppo, was injured as a result of guided missiles fired from the areas controlled by the YPG/PKK and Assad regime forces. The group added that the volunteer was deliberately hit.

Hadi Al-Bahra, the co-chair of the Syrian Constitutional Committee, emphasized the need for a “comprehensive countrywide ceasefire” to stop missile and artillery shelling by Assad regime forces and its allies.

Condemning the attack in al-Bab, Turkey’s Defense Ministry said, “terrorist targets were shot effectively with howitzers, artillery and mortars” in retaliation to attacks.

The al-Bab area was cleared from the terror group by the Turkish Armed Forces and the Syrian National Army (SNA) as part of Operation Euphrates Shield. Turkey launched the operation in 2016 by invoking the self-defense principle in response to the threat posed by Daesh/ISIS and the YPG/PKK terrorists on Turkey’s southern borders.

Most of al-Bab’s residents have returned to the town following the liberation of the area.

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