Yemeni Minister denounces Houthi attack on civilians in Hodeidah

Yemen’s Information Minister strongly condemned a Houthi attack on a crowded market that caused one civilian death and five injuries.

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Yemen’s Information, Culture, and Tourism Minister Muammar Al Eryani stated that the Iranian-backed Houthi group carried airstrikes through explosive-laden drones towards a crowded market in Al Durayhimi district, located in the south of Hodeidah province.

Speaking to the Yemeni News Agency (SABA), Minister Al Eryani strongly criticized the latest Houthi attack that left one dead and five others wounded. He said that the latest attack was part of a series of crimes and violations committed by the Iranian-backed group against civilians in liberated areas of Yemen.

The Yemeni Minister also called the international community, including the United Nations mission and its Yemen envoy, to define the Houthi attack as a war crime, and denounce it as well as to take action in supporting the Hodeidah Agreement.

In his speech, the Minister also accused the Houthi group of exploiting the Palestinians’ situation for its interests. The accusation came following the Houthi group launching a donation campaign for the Palestinian people who suffer from the Israeli attacks. According to the Yemeni Minister, the Houthi group will use the amount that would be raised from the campaign to improve its military capability, not to support the Palestinian people.

Minister Al Eryani also warned the Yemeni people who live in the regions under Houthi control about the group’s misleading campaign on the Palestinian issue.

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