Yemen demands US to pressure Iran to stop its support for Houthis

The Yemeni Foreign Minister told the US envoy that Iran’s support for Houthis undermines security and stability in Yemen.

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The Foreign Minister of Yemen’s internationally recognized government, Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, held talks with the US Special Envoy for Iran, Robert Malley, through a video conference. During the talks, the Yemeni Minister told the US official how Iranian support for the Houthi group in Yemen destabilizes the country.

Yemeni Minister Mubarak told the US official that “Iran has played a role in damaging the security and stability of Yemen and Arab countries by using Houthi militias in recent years.” Besides, Minister Mubarak drew attention to the Iranian role in hampering the establishment of a healthy peace process in Yemen.

Emphasizing that the Iranian support for Houthis is the biggest factor that paves the way for prolonging the civil war in Yemen, Minister Mubarak called on the US to put pressure on Iran to stop its support to the Houthis. During the talks, Iranian arms smuggling in favor of Houthis was another subject that the Yemeni Minister urged the US official to prevent.

The talks between the two officials came following the US Special Envoy for Yemen Tim Lenderking’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Oman, where he had talks with the officials about the possible steps that could be taken for ensuring a comprehensive ceasefire in the war-devastated country.

Last week, the United States imposed sanctions on two Houthi military officials who led the group’s offensive towards the Marib region. The sanction decision came over the Houthi’s insistent rejection against the ceasefire calls, Lenderking said.

Last month, the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif stated that his country supports the ceasefire, and the talks for a political settlement in Yemen, during his visit to Oman where he met with the Houthi group’s spokesperson Mohammed Abdul Salam.

Zarif’s meeting with the Houthi spokesperson came following that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s statements call for the Houthis to stop its military aggression and enter into peace negotiations.

Iran and Saudi Arabia held several talks through the mediatory of Iraq, to mend ties between the two regional arch-rivals.

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