US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan makes statements regarding Libyan elections

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan stated that the elections should be held on the appointed date.

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On June 29, a statement released by the White House Press Office included statements from US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan regarding the upcoming Libyan elections.

Expressing his appreciation for the members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF), who gathered to determine the constitutional framework of the elections during the week, Sullivan stated that they support the final declaration of the 2nd Berlin Conference held on June 23.

Referring to the active stance of the UN in the process of national reconciliation and the adoption of constitutional arrangements, Sullivan noted that the LPDF is encouraged by the reconciliation process.

Sullivan emphasized that the presidential and parliamentary elections should be held at the predetermined time, which will allow Libya to elect its own leaders and regain its national sovereignty after years of internal conflict.

He also stated that, as the United States, they will provide the necessary support for the Libyan people to move towards a more stable, secure and prosperous future.

The United States, which became more engaged in the Libyan crisis with the Biden administration, showed a willingness to solve the Libyan crisis, especially with the appointment of Richard Norland, the US Ambassador to Libya, as Special Representative, at the same time. Nonetheless, the visit of the US Acting Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs Joey Hood to Libya in May was the first high-level visit to Libya since 2014.

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