UN report indicates a private security contractor close to Trump violated Libya arms embargo

A private contractor close to former US President Donald Trump is written to have violated a UN arms embargo on Libya, according to a UN report.

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According to a UN investigation, Erik Prince, a private security contractor and close ally of former US President Donald Trump, violated the UN’s arms embargo on Libya, which is noted in a confidential report published to the UN Security Council. The report, which has been obtained by major news agencies, says that Prince deployed weapons and provided a group of mercenaries in 2019, to assist factions in the war-torn country of Libya.

Those in possession of the UN report indicate that the operation planned by Prince was worth $80 million and included the formation of hit squads in order to track and kill Libyan commanders in opposition to Haftar, including some which are EU citizens.

Prince, who is the brother of the Secretary of Education during the Trump administration and a former Navy SEAL, has developed a name for himself as the head of the private security firm Blackwater, which has been accused of killing unarmed civilians in Iraq, in 2007. Prince and his lawyer have declined to make comments following the emergence of the UN report. Possible UN sanctions, such as a travel ban, may be implemented on the infamous contractor following the accusations.

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