UN Libya Special Advisor calls for start of production in Libyan oil fields

UN Special Adviser to Libya Stephanie Williams has called for the start of production at the Sharara and Al-Fil oil fields in southern Libya.

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The United Nations (UN) Special Advisor to Libya, Stephanie Williams, shared on her Twitter account that the cessation of production in the Shara and Al-Fil oil fields led to big losses to the Libyan economy.

Williams emphasized that she followed the decisions to close oil fields by halting production and stopping civil flights with concern. She also said that oil production, which is the most important source of income for Libyans, should start again.

In addition, Williams stated that freedom of travel is among the fundamental rights and that the Libyan authorities should take the necessary steps as soon as possible.

In the statement made by the Libyan National Oil Company (NOC), the militia group led by Mohammed al-Bashir Karaj announced that they had closed the oil fields in the south of the country and stated that the production was stopped due to force majeure.

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