UN envoy to Syria expressed frustration over Syrian stalling

The UN’s Syria envoy Geir Pedersen voiced his frustrations after no progress was made in talks of a new national constitution.

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On 29 January, Geir Pedersen, the UN’s Syria envoy, gave an assessment of the talks concerning the drafting of a new constitution in Syria to reporters in Geneva. In his statement, Pedersen voiced his frustrations for the Al-Assad government after no progress was achieved in the discussions for a new national constitution, in order to contribute to the country’s recovery from the civil war. The envoy added that these discussions could not continue in this manner, and that the goals established prior to the meeting were not achieved.

Further on in his statement, Pedersen has said that the co-chair of the Al-Assad government in the committee rejected two proposals set within the discussions. Additionally, the Syrian co-chair is said to have hindered the progress of the committee since October 2019, when the fifth round of the peace talks began. No future meetings have been scheduled in the short-term.

As a consequence of the halt of negotiations, Pedersen has stated that he will be conferring with Russia, Turkey, Iran and the US about the issue in New York, on 9 February. Pedersen also stated he will be addressing the UN Security Council on the same date.

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