UAE evocates individuals for posting recordings of missile interception

The Emirati Public Prosecution office announced that some individuals had been evocated for posting videos showing defense systems intercept missiles launched by Yemen’s Houthi group.

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Public Prosecution Office issued a statement on Monday reporting that several people had been summoned for posting recordings of Yemen’s Houthis missile attacks interception by defense systems.

In a statement issued on the state-run news agency, it was said, “The Public Prosecution warned that such clips endanger vital and military installations.”

The number of people who were summoned as well as information about their current situation were not clarified.

Unconfirmed social media footage appeared to show moving lights from anti-projectile defenses being launched into the sky before dawn over the UAE capital on Monday.

The Public Prosecution stated that it would take “deterrent legal measures” against those who circulate such posts in the UAE.

On January 17, the Iranian-backed Houthi group organized an attack through drones towards the UAE, which caused three deaths and six injuries.

The second attempt of Houthis targeting a base in Abu Dhabi hosting US forces was intercepted by American-made Patriot defense systems.

Following the Houthi escalation towards the UAE, a senior Emirati diplomat stated that the UAE might strengthen its defensive capabilities.

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