UAE, Egypt launch joint military drill

The exercise, which will take two weeks, is expected to strengthen the bilateral ties between the two countries.

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The Egyptian Armed Forces issued a statement announcing that a joint two-week military exercise with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has started on Friday. Being carried out in the UAE, the military drill has been named “Zayed 3”. Both sides will transfer and exchange military expertise within the scope of the exercise, the statement added.

Speaking on the occasion, the Egyptian Army spokesperson Colonel Tamer El Refai stated that the exercise is expected to raise the level of participating units’ technical and combat competence. He also said that the drill aims to contribute to “achieving the highest rates of competence and combat readiness” of the Egyptian army by unifying concepts and refining the skills.

The military exercise will also strengthen the Egyptian and the Emirati armed forces’ capacity to cope with the challenges that the region is facing, the spokesperson added. He also stated that the drill would last for two weeks.

The joint drill has also featured in the Emirati media. Stating that the two countries’ armed forces take a leading position at the regional and global levels, the UAE press reported that the drill is based on a culmination of military expertise and a wise and strong political will between the two countries’ leadership.

The two countries had held another joint military exercise in the Mediterranean that covers late November and early December 2020.

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