UAE decries Israeli violence against Palestinians in East Jerusalem

Since the two countries reached an agreement to normalize the relations, it is seen that the UAE has refrained from taking steps that would displease Israel.

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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) issued a statement criticizing the latest developments that occurred in East Jerusalem. Recently, a group of Israeli far-right Jewish supremacists had assaulted Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem. It was seen that the group chanted “death to Arabs” while they attacked the Palestinians.

In the statement, it was expressed that “The United Arab Emirates has expressed concern over the acts of violence committed by a right-wing extremist group in the occupied East Jerusalem, which have resulted in injuries among civilians”. The point that should be taken into consideration is that the statement did not mention that the Israeli extremists led the incident.

However, the UAE called the Israeli authorities to play a role in easing the tension and bringing an end to the aggression. The statement also highlighted the importance of preserving the historical identity of the city.

The UAE’s condemnation came following the incident where over a hundred Palestinians who resided in East Jerusalem were injured as a result of the Israeli extremists’ assaults. Although the incident was not given a place in mainstream media, the recordings of cruel attacks targeting the Palestinians were circulated widely on social media.

On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not issue any statement criticizing the incident. It can be speculated that the silence of the Israeli Prime Minister mainly arises from the fact that he needs the support of hardline Zionist groups to consolidate its power within the country. However, his silence has caused a disturbance. Over a thousand protesters rallied in front of the prime minister’s official residence and protested the far-right violence in the city.

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