UAE-backed dismissed Fatah leader prepares his own electoral list

It is speculated that the list would be named as “Jerusalem First” and include former prime ministers and ministers.

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Local news sources reported that UAE-backed dismissed Fatah leader Mohammed Dahlan is attempting to form his own electoral list for the upcoming parliamentary elections in Palestine. According to local news, former prime ministers, ministers, and senior Fatah leaders who were not involved in corruption allegations and disagreements among the secular Palestinian movement might be on the list. Among those in the list, former prime ministers Salam Fayyad and Rami Hamdallah, and senior Fatah leader Nabil Amr came into prominence.

The latest move of Dahlan has been evaluated by many specialists as the UAE’s attempts to expand its political influence in Palestine. One of them, Naji Shurrab, labeled this move as a “dangerous turn” and evaluated that this would cause a political rift within Fatah.

It is observed that the UAE has been trying to accelerate its influence in Palestine through its support for Palestinian NGOs, which has been provided through Mohammad Dahlan. Recently, the UAE has sent 20,000 Sputnik V vaccines to Gaza with the coordination of Dahlan. This move was also considered as an attempt to gain points in favor of Dahlan for the upcoming elections.

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