Türkiye and Denmark reach the final stage of strategic energy sector cooperation

The program aims to support the long-term development of energy systems in Türkiye, The Danish Energy Agency expert and program manager says.

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An energy consultant at the Danish Energy Agency (DEA) said Tuesday that Turkey and Denmark had completed the last step of an energy cooperation deal to increase trade and climate cooperation.

During a study visit of Turkish officials and entrepreneurs to Denmark as part of the BEST For Energy (Boosting Effective and Sustainable Transformation for Energy) project, Susana Paardekooper, the program manager for the Strategic Sector Cooperation with Türkiye, announced the application process for the next four years.

The 2017 project aims to help Turkey’s energy sector flourish through government-to-government and business-to-business partnerships.

The program has historically allowed district heating and cooling partnership, she said.

A heating act in Denmark since the 1980s was used to evaluate the best legal components for enhanced heat planning. These were then explored in terms of their application to the Turkish context, emphasizing geothermal energy for district heating, an abundant resource in Turkey.

Paardekooper said the third process comprises project application, development support, and financing.

“We’re working with the (Turkish) Ministry of Industry and Technology to promote secondary legislation to develop district energy,” she said.

“We are optimistic that by the end of this third phase, we will be able to consolidate and conclude what we’ve done and pave the way for future cooperation,” Paardekooper said, adding that although the program must end at the end of the third phase, commercial and climate cooperation will continue.

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