Turkish Foreign Ministry denies Arab League decision

The Turkish Foreign Ministry reiterated its stand which respects sovereignty, territorial integrity, and political unity of Arab countries.

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On Friday, the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement regarding the decision that had been adopted at the Arab League foreign ministers meeting held on Wednesday. Based on the statement, the aforementioned decision of the Arab League was completely rejected by the Turkish Foreign Ministry, stating that the decision is baseless. Such accusations against Turkey became a stereotypical way that some members of the Arab League have been frequently appealing in order to curtain their destructive actions for the region, the statement added.

Also, the Turkish Foreign Ministry stated that the decision, which had been taken without a transparent negotiation process, was not supported by some league members, and they put their reservations to the decision. The decision is also unrequited among the friendly and brotherly Arab peoples, the statement added. The Turkish Ministry called members of the Arab League to promote peace, prosperity, security, and stability in the region instead of targeting Turkey with baseless accusations. The statement also reiterated the Turkish stand in terms of prioritizing Arab states’ sovereignty and territorial integrity.

The Arab League had taken a decision accusing Turkey and Iran of intervening in some of the Arab countries’ internal affairs on its foreign ministers’ meeting held on Wednesday in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. At the meeting, the chairmanship of the meeting was transferred from Egypt to Qatar.

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