Turkish and German companies to implement power plant project in Misrata as of 2022

Officials of the Government of National Unity (GNU) announced that the German Siemens and Turkish ENKA companies aim to start the implementation of a 650 MW power plant project in Misrata as of next year.

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The Government of National Unity (GNU) Press Spokesperson Mohamed Hammouda announced that the Turkish ENKA and German Siemens companies continue the construction of a 650 MW power plant in the city of Misrata. Hammouda stated that there are various initiatives to prevent power cuts, which is one of the main problems of the country.

The General Electric Company of Libya (GECOL) announced that the power plant, whose construction is still ongoing, will be operational as of next year. GECOL officials stated that the project would be very beneficial in order to eliminate the electricity shortage in the country and reduce some of the daily cuts.

The Dbeibeh government has been planning various projects since March, in order to prevent power cuts, one of the main problems in Libya. In this context, the inadequacy of the infrastructure, especially in the summer months, prompted GNU officials to take measures in this regard. In this direction, GECOL carries out negotiations with various international companies.

Turkish ENKA and German Siemens companies gained experience by carrying out projects in different regions of Libya since the Gaddafi era. Energy supply, which is a very important issue in Libya’s restructuring process, is interpreted as the driving force of many different sectors. The daily electricity cuts is 8 hours a day in the capital Tripoli.

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