Turkey and Russia agree to cooperate on water file in Syria

The two countries reached an agreement to solve Syria’s Allouk water station problem.

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Turkish and Russian military officials have agreed to cooperate to find a solution for water and electricity cuts in Al-Hasakah city, in the northeastern corner of Syria.

A joint examination was conducted in the Allouk Water Station and the Mabrouka Power Plant by a Turkish and Russian military delegation to investigate the reason behind the interruptions in the water supply.

The Allouk Water Station, located in the Operation Peace Spring region, has been providing water to al-Hasakah city center and rural neighborhoods. The facility relies on a Swedish (Suwaidiyah) power plant to operate, which is located in the Dirbasiye district and under the control of the PKK terrorist organization’s Syrian wing, the YPG.

Most of the electricity supply to eastern provinces comes from the Euphrates, Tishrin and Baath dams on the Euphrates River. The electricity produced from these dams through hydroelectric power plants is under the control of the YPG terror group. The YPG has been deliberately cutting energy supply from the Tishrin Hydroelectric Power Plant. The Peace Spring Operation region has been exposed to water shortages since April 2021.

Civilians struggle to meet their basic needs on top of rising in food prices due to lack of irrigation. The production of barley, wheat, cumin and other vegetables was especially hit hard. The UN children’s agency UNICEF states that the Allouk water station supplies water to around 460,000 people.

Turkish and Russian military delegations have been holding talks on solving the problem for some time.

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