Tunisian Prime Minister announced that his resignation is not on the agenda

The General Secretary of the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT), Noureddine Tabboubi, declared that President Kais Saied had informed him that he wanted Mechichi's resignation.

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The Tunisian Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi said on Tuesday that “his resignation is not on the agenda at all.” This has emerged from his interview with the private radio station Shems FM.

The Secretary-General of the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT), Noureddine Taboubi, had declared in an interview with the private channel “Al-Hiwar Al-Tounsi”, that “President Kais Saied had informed him that he wanted Mechichi and members of his government to resign.”

“We are responsible for the situation that Tunisia is going through, and what awaits us today is to save the country”, declared the head of government, indicating that he prefers to talk about more serious subjects of concern to Tunisians.

“Anyone who talks about resigning does not know me. I am a responsible person, and, in this circumstance, we are working. Our goal is to save the country and its economy,” he added.

Tunisia is going through a political crisis due to disagreements between Kais Saied and Hichem Mechichi due to a cabinet reshuffle announced by the latter on January 16.

Despite parliamentary approval, Saied refuses to invite new ministers to take the constitutional oath at Carthage Palace, arguing that the amendment was tainted with “violations”. These were rejected by Mechichi.

The country also experienced a wave of protests a few days ago, which started in the popular district of Sidi Hassine, due to police “violence” against a young Tunisian. Discontent has spread to other neighborhoods in the capital’s western suburbs, namely Al Intilaka and Ettadhamon.

The fact that the Constitutional Court, which was stipulated by the 2014 Constitution, has not been established yet, both deepens the crisis and renders it unresolved while it can end the conflict between state powers in Tunisia.

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