Tunisian President appoints members of new top judicial council

Tunisian President Kais Saied appointed the members of the interim Judicial Council, which was formed to replace the Judicial Council dissolved last month.

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According to a video shared from the Tunisian Presidency’s social media account, the members of the new council took the oath in the presence of President Kais Saied and started their duties.

Speaking after the swearing-in ceremony, President Saied thanked the new members for their support in this “historical” process where they tried to ensure the independence of the judiciary.

After the dissolution of the Supreme Judicial Council, which caused great controversy in the country, many civil organizations organized demonstrations to protest the decision.

President Saied, with the extraordinary decisions he declared on July 25, 2021, caused a kind of “exceptional situation” in the country.

Saied, who froze the work of the parliament and lifted parliamentary immunity, expanded his powers with new decrees on September 22, 2021, and completely tied the executive branch to himself.

On February 7, Saied announced the dissolution of the top Judicial Council.

In a statement made by the Tunisian Presidency on February 12, it was reported that the decree that abolished the top Judicial Council and envisaged the creation of an interim council was signed by Saied.

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