Tunisia General Labor Union calls for early elections to get out of “crisis”

Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) Deputy Secretary-General Sami Tahiri called for early elections through a new election law to get out of the political crisis in the country.

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Deputy Assistant Secretary-General Sami Tahiri of the Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) assessed the “exceptional situation” that followed President Kais Saied’s July 25 decisions, in which parliament froze work and dismissed the prime minister.

Tahiri said in his statement, “To get out of the current political crisis, it is necessary to make changes in the election law and hold early elections.”.

President Saied announced that after the extraordinary decisions of 25 July, changes would be made in the political system and the electoral system.

Saied plans to implement these changes with a referendum to be held after the “national dialogue” with broad participation.

Many political formations and non-governmental organizations are of the opinion that the “exceptional situation” that occurred after President Saied’s decisions was prolonged.

President Kais Saied issued some new decrees on September 22, after the Parliament suspended its work on July 25 and dismissed the Prime Minister.

With these decrees, the President’s legislative and executive powers were expanded, and the interim committee that oversaw the constitutionality of bills was abolished.

In this process, the cabinet formed by the new Prime Minister Najla Bouden Romdhane, appointed by Saied, took the oath on 11 October.

After the decisions taken by Saied on 25 July, which gathered all the powers in his hands, the country is going through difficult times economically.

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